April 12th 2024

German Sustainability Code: Instrument for presenting the sustainability performance of companies


The German Sustainability Code (GSC) is a voluntary instrument that supports companies in Germany in transparently presenting their sustainability performance and efforts. It was developed to help companies integrate sustainability into their business strategy, improve communication with stakeholders and promote a sustainable corporate culture.

Main features of the German Sustainability Code:

Voluntary commitment: participation in the DNK is voluntary. Companies can decide to use the Code as a guideline for their sustainability reporting.

Standardized indicators: The Code contains a list of 20 indicators that companies can use to measure and report their sustainability performance. These indicators cover various areas, including environmental, social, governance and economic.

GRI compatibility: The Sustainability Code is compatible with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an internationally recognized framework for sustainability reporting. This makes it easier for companies to integrate sustainability information into their reports.

Communication with stakeholders: The DNK is designed to help companies provide transparent and understandable information about their sustainability performance to stakeholders such as investors, customers, employees and the public.

Implementation of the German Sustainability Code:

Reporting: companies that wish to use the Code prepare sustainability reports in which they include the relevant indicators from the Code. These reports can be published on the company website or in other public documents.

Verification and validation: The accuracy and completeness of sustainability reports can be verified and validated by independent third parties to ensure the credibility of the information.

Integration into business strategy: Companies are encouraged to integrate the findings from sustainability reporting into their business strategy and decisions in order to promote sustainable practices in the long term.

Benefits of the German Sustainability Code:

Transparency: the DNK encourages companies to be transparent about their sustainability performance, which can increase stakeholder confidence.

Sustainable business practices: Using the DNK can help companies improve their sustainability performance and promote sustainable business practices.

Competitive advantage: Companies that successfully integrate sustainability into their business strategy and communicate this transparently can gain a competitive advantage and strengthen their corporate image.

The German Sustainability Code offers German companies a practical way of documenting their sustainability efforts and bringing them into line with international standards. It supports the promotion of sustainability in the corporate culture and contributes to the implementation of global sustainability goals.

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